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They say that everything comes from something. And that couldn’t be any more true then about The Hobo Marketing Co.

Now I’d love to sit here and tell you that I’m a self-taught copywriting/marketing guru, and that every idea I’ve ever had was completely original, but the truth is that I’d be lying to you.

And I would be a fool to sit here calling myself a Russell""” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>content marketing expert while lying to my dear readers and followers.

The truth is that everything I’ve learned, I’ve learned from someone else. And while my knowledge is the culmination of dozens of other people’s combined knowledge, there are some names that have influenced me far more than others.

And today, the man I’m talking about is Russell Brunson.

Anyone who has anything to do with marketing or advertising has surely heard his name before.

He started at the bottom, just like the rest of us. But through years of hard work, continuous learning, and fierce perserverance, today Russell Brunson is one of the most renown names in the marketing industry.

He has helped thousands of individuals and organizations from around the world reach their true potential.

Started at the bottom

Once struggling to make rent, Russell now earns thousands of dollars for his talks, and is well-respected by businesses and organizations everywhere he goes.

And the secret to his success is sharing his knowledge and expertise with others.

Instead of trying to keep his marketing secrets and tricks to himself, Russell chooses to share everything single thing he knows about the industry.

But why would he give away his best-kept secrets?

I know that it does sound a little counter-intuitive.

However by doing this, Russell positions himself as an expert in his field, making him a valuable asset to any company or organization that’s looking to market and promote themselves.

Sharing is caring

Always remember that your knowledge is your power! And that by sharing and communicating with others, you can help others just like Russell Brunson has done for so many of us.

Personally, I’ve read all of his books and they’ve taught me things about digital marketing that I never would have learned without Russell‘s help.

So, I’d just like to take a quick moment to recommend that you go out and read some of his books,

They’ve taught me, as well as thousands of people around the world, the importance of proper planning and integration when it comes to running successful marketing campaigns.

So don’t be scared to do some research. Read a little bit and then share the things you learn with anyone else who could use them.

Or maybe you’re not interested in marketing. Maybe tech is more your cup of tea and you need to spruce up your computer’s software in order to get ready for all the clients you’re going to learn to draw in in the coming months.

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