Case Study – The Punk Rock Hobo (My Humble Beginnings)


The Past Does Not Define The Future


In 2014, I’d had enough of working jobs I had no passion for. So I decided to look into other types of work I might be interested in.

I searched online and read countless articles on “how to make money from home” or “how to earn your first million online”.

But in my eyes, all of them translated into “you must buy our product or course, and we won’t guarantee you’ll make any money”.

At the time, I was fascinated with traveling the world and punk rock music was something that I’d grown up listening to.

So I came up with the idea to start my own travel blog, call it The Punk Rock Hobo, and pursue work as a freelance copywriter, which would hopefully allow me to travel the world.

Below you’ll find a more detailed case study of The Punk Rock Hobo and what I’ve been able to learn from it.

Campaign Objectives

As I’ve said, I started out with virtually no experience working with WordPress or any other type of Content Management System. Therefore, my goals and objectives for The Punk Rock Hobo were rather simple:

  • Build a functioning website
  • Generate traffic
  • Earn money

So with these four goals as my main campaign objectives, I developed a very (extra very) simple strategy to achieve them.


The first phase of my strategy, as should be the first step in any online marketing strategy, was to do research and to learn as much as possible about developing websites and generating an income from them.

I also did research into how I would drive traffic to my website and learnt that the easiest ways to earn money from a blog or website were either by selling ad space and through affiliate marketing.

So with that in mind, I learned how to implement Google Adsense onto my site and signed up for a few affiliate programs, mainly Amazon’s.

To drive traffic, my plan was to gain as many followers as I could on my social media accounts and then use these platforms to spread my content across the web, in turn, driving traffic to my website.


With this very basic strategy, I’m proud to say that I was able to achieve my very basic goals, all within one year from when I started looking into things.

I built my first website using WordPress.

I managed to gain more than 5,000 Twitter followers and had over 300 active followers on WordPress.

I was able to drive small, yet very real amounts of traffic to my site.

I earned a massive $14.70 with Google Adsense.

I made my first sale via Amazon’s affiliate program and earned something like $1.41 when somebody bought a pair of hiking pants that I’d promoted on my blog.


In conclusion, my adventure with The Punk Rock Hobo has taught me a lot about building and running websites.

I learned how to build and develop websites using WordPress.

I learned how to integrate a variety of plugins, helping me track my site’s metrics, allowing me to set benchmarks, and learn more about my audience.

I learned how to generate revenue using Google Adsense.

I learned many tactics and strategies that can be used to run successful affiliate marketing campaigns.

I also learned many things that should never be done when building and developing websites.

The culmination of this knowledge and experience has since lead me to pursue a full-time career as a freelance copywriter and today, I’m proud to say that I’m the founder and voice behind The Hobo Marketing Company.

We know the online world can be harsh sometimes, but by sharing our stories and helping each other, we can build a better digital tomorrow!

We’d love to hear your story on how you first got into digital marketing. Drop us a line in the comments section below or send us a message via our Contact Page.

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