Proven methods for promoting your brand with digital content marketing in 2019

digital content marketing

For business owners, it’s vital to know how to promote your brand the right way.

You know that learning about marketing, especially online content marketing, because you know and understand that promoting your business online is a necessary aspect of business survival in 2019.

What’s the issue?

There are literally thousands of different ways you can promote your business, and on top of that, there are millions of so-called “experts” giving you different advice on how to go about doing it.

So how do you know which methods and strategies are right for you?

We’ll get to that a bit later in this post, but first, let’s discuss a few important points to help you promote your brand the right way.

The wrong way – promoting your business 2019

Hobo Marketing is a digital content marketing company. We help our clients rank on search engines and improve their online communications.

Techniques such as PPC, SEO, Paid Advertisement and other types of social media marketing can work tremendously well for brands, but only if they meet the following criteria:

  • Your brand is focused on communicating value to your customers above anything else.
  • You understand that loud advertisements that say “buy our products/services” are not an effective way to communicate value.
  • Creating content for search engines, before internet users, is not an effective way to communicate value.
  • Content marketing is a means to an end, not the end in itself.

By understanding that communicating value to your customers should come before all else, most brands will do well in digital content marketing as a by-product of their online communications.

In fact, putting your customers and clients first relates directly to SEO in several ways.

For example, when you create a properly designed and user-friendly website, your visitors will have a much better experience when interacting with your brand.

In turn, you’ll get an “SEO-boost” in the form of a lower bounce rate and longer session times.

When your content makes people want to like it, share it, and link to it, it will naturally build your site’s authority, as opposed to using black-hat SEO tactics, which can actually harm your site’s reputation.

In the end, the better your website and content are, the easier it will be to get positive user engagement, boosting the “engagement signals” that Google and other search engines use to rank websites.

Now without further ado, let’s dive into the specifics on promoting your brand online in 2019.

Just keep in mind that the following tips all revolve around putting your customer first!

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Promoting your brand online in 2019

When it comes to marketing and promoting a product or service, most people think of the most obvious techniques such as simply marketing and promoting those products or services.

But I’d like to take a quick moment to mention a crucial marketing aspect that often gets overlooked – improving your product or service for your customers.

Think about it;

  • Have you been going the extra mile to meet your customer service demands?
  • Have you actively been searching for new ways to improve your products/services?
  • Have you recently completed a deep analysis of your product development process?

Digital content marketing is an excellent and extremely powerful tool, but it’s pale in comparison to the all-mighty power of a sterling business reputation.

Afterall all, a good reputation can help your digital content marketing efforts in several direct ways, which we’ll discuss below.

Reviews and recommendations

google reviews

One important thing to keep in mind is that search engines use online reviews and recommendations as a powerful ranking signal.

Therefore, your brand needs to seek reviews on platforms, such as Google, Yahoo, and Yelp, from your customers.

However, to get those positive reviews, you first need to have a stellar product or service that provides a solution for your customers.

Below, we’ll take a quick look at a few tips for improving your product or service in order to get better reviews:

  • Make an active effort to seek feedback from your customers, then use it to improve product/service.
  • Always ask for a review after your product or service has been delivered.
  • Follow-up with long-term customers.
  • Always aim to have the best possible customer service in your industry.

Building your brand

In a recent blog post, marketing guru, Neil Patel, wrote about the future of SEO in 2019. In the post, he discusses building your brand as one of the most important marketing techniques for business owners.

But why is building your brand so important?

Well, Google and other search engines trust and rank established brands better than new websites and companies on the web.

Therefore, if you already have a well-established brand, your website will have a much better chance of ranking higher in the search engine results.

Of course, it’s obvious to say, that a solid digital content marketing campaign can also help you build your brand, but more importantly, so does the quality of your product or service.

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So if you’re able to create a product or service that consumers are going to rave about, you’ll subsequently have more people searching for your business online.

And the more searches your brand gets, the more credibility search engines will assign to your website.

So before anything else, you should focus on putting your brand on the map with a killer product or service that gets people talking.

Citations and mentions

When an internet user mentions your brand anywhere online, your website will get a “cool point” from Google’s algorithm.

These ranking signals are known as “citations”.

And the best part is that even if you don’t get a backlink from the mention, the citation will still be taken into account by Google.

So once again, making your brand known as an expert with a killer product within your industry will obviously increase your chances of getting citations.

And even more obviously, the more citations you get, the more authority your site will be attributed to search engine algorithms.

Digital content marketing

The best definition of content marketing is the process of creating and sharing relevant content with your target audience.

But how can a better product/service help with content marketing?

Well, the better your product/service, the more you’ll have to work with when creating content for your audience.

Think about it, the better your product/service, the easier it will be to create and share content that establishes you as a leader in your industry.

And as anyone in the industry will tell you… content is king…that is, authoritative content.

Focus on the long-term

if you’re unable to focus on a long-term perspective, content marketing isn’t going to work for you. Or neither will any other form of marketing, for that matter.

Remember that digital content marketing isn’t a “cookie-cutter” solution that’s going to solve all your problems.

You have to learn what works for you, and what doesn’t, and this takes time.

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How long, you may be asking?

Well, typically, we tell businesses that content marketing and SEO takes anymore between 6 to 12 months before the full effects will be noticeable.

But it can take even longer to build brands that stand out from all of their competition.

In other words, it takes much more than tactics and strategies to succeed on the internet. It takes a certain level of patience and dedication that won’t come easily to every business owner out there.

Fortunately, this also makes content marketing that much easier since most brands aren’t willing to invest the necessary time and resources into their online marketing efforts.

So if you’re able to differentiate yourself, your brand can easily win in 2019.

Choosing the right marketing channels and strategies

Obviously, there are many different channels that you can use to market your business online in 2019.

Still, it’s important to remember that you don’t need to use all of them. Instead, only focus on the channels that actually work for your business.

For example, if you’re a cosmetics company, video marketing would be the best channel for your brand.

After all, make-up is a visual product, therefore, using video tutorials should work wonders for your online marketing.

Or, if you’re a company that sells industrial machine parts, you might be better off writing in-depth blog content about the specifics on your parts.

Also, fo B2B companies, LinkedIn usually works better than other social media platforms.

So before you launch a content marketing campaign on all social channels, it’s important to understand which ones will work best for you.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Do all businesses and brands need SEO?

In some form or another, practically all businesses can benefit from improving their SEO rankings. However, the amount of effort needed will vary from one business to the next, and so do the results that you can expect.

So what should you keep in mind?

  • Potential market size – many markets have more online searchers than others. For example, real estate is a much larger market than hand-knit scarves.
  • Competition – competition is typically in direct relation to your potential market size.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) – some industries will obtain searches with more “purchasing intent” than others. Meaning there are more searches relating to purchasing decisions in certain industries than others.

If you’re unclear about any of this, we advise that you talk with an experienced content marketing company to see if SEO is right for your brand.

Images, Infographics, and Video

Above all else, video is the front-runner when it comes to digital content marketing.

Just take a look at these video content marketing stats:

  • According to WordSteam, Millenials watch the most online videos, with men spending about 40% more time watching videos than women.
  • Cisco has predicted that over 80% of all internet traffic will be generated by video by the year 2021.
  • According to Hubspot, 45% of people watch one hour or more of online videos per day.

So with stats like this, it’s easy to see why video marketing is easily one of the most popular and most effective forms of digital content marketing in 2019.

And on top of creating great video content, you can also use other engaging forms of media such as infographics to communicate with your audience and provide them with value.

In the end, the more engaging and relevant media you publish, the better.

Not only does this provide value fo your customers, but it also helps you improve several important SEO metrics such as:

  • Session time
  • bounce rate
  • total time on site

Commit to Promoting Your Business in 2019

Above all else, you need to commit to promoting your business online to succeed in 2019.

Without making that effort and dedication, your business is sure to run into numerous roadblocks when it comes to marketing in 2019.

So either on your own or with the help of an experienced content marketing agency like The Hobo Marketing Company, make 2019 the year that your business succeeds online!

Got any ideas or inspirations for content marketing in 2019? We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a message in the comments below!

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