The PR Industry Vs. Content Marketing


For years, it’s been normal for the PR industry to rely on the media to publish their client’s stories. This has allowed them to raise awareness about their brand and achieve visible results to show to their clients.

The way it would work is that an agency would pitch a story to a media outlet, and if the story was newsworthy, the media outlet would run the story.

Image result for new tech in marketingBut today, a growing number of people are using the internet to source their information. And at the same time, they’re trying to avoid any sort of marketing or advertising.

This makes it harder for brands to rely on traditional PR marketing tactics to get their names out there.

In fact, according to a study by Edelman, barely a third of all global consumers claim to trust the brands they use. 


The Death of The PR Industry

In recent years, the lack of trust between consumers and brands has caused a massive shift in the way that people consume content. 

Take, for example, the fact that almost all of the biggest brands reach millions of internet users worldwide, but none of them do it by flooding their readers with sponsored content. 

Instead, major brands reach their audiences by creating content that they’re actually looking for. In other words, they draw in and keep their audience by building the right type of audience first. One that is already familiar with, likes, and trusts the brand.

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According to David Meerman Scott, a well-known marketing guru, “You can buy attention (advertising). You can beg for attention from the media (PR). You can bug people one at a time to get attention (sales). Or you can earn attention by creating something interesting and valuable and then publishing it online for free.”

Now those are words to live by!

And the same logic also applies to the PR industry, which previously focused on ads and public relations to reach their audiences. Today, we’re seeing an increasing number of PR companies turning to content marketing to achieve their same goals. 

Even here, at The Hobo Marketing Company, we’re producing a bunch a blog posts and social media posts every single week. And it’s all shared with our audience completely free fo charge!


Because we want to supply our readers with content that matters to them. Content that they actually want to read. In turn, this nurtures the relationship and builds trust between our brand and our audience.

Working in the PR industry

Gaining A Competitive Edge With Content Marketing

Today, the internet makes it easier for the PR industry to share its expertise with its audience.

But, only by establishing yourself as an expert and thought-leader in your industry, will your audience learn to trust your expertise. That’s where content marketing can work wonders.

And with it, you, or any other brand out there, can become that expert!

Still, it’s important to understand that the key to a successful brand is not just publishing tons of “stuff”. 

Content marketing must be based on an actionable, strategic plan, where you clearly identify your target audience, pinpoint the key messages your brand wants to project, and then determine the best way to connect that audience with your messages. 

Depending on your audience, the platforms you use to achieve this may change. 

For example, certain consumer personas may value newspapers or magazines, while others may prefer to obtain their information from social media platforms such as Twitter. 

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In the end, content marketing is about finding your niche. And then growing a loyal following of internet users that know and trust your brand. 

Long dead are the days of needing to pitch stories to journalists and reporters and sit waiting, hoping for the best. 

As an expert content marketing agency, The Hobo Marketing Company takes pride in thinking outside the box. And our digital marketing strategies are perhaps the best possible example of that. 

Trust me, content marketing is worth both your time and money. 



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