Grow Your Email List With Facebook Ads


Wondering how to grow your email list with Facebook Ads?

Today, Facebook has become one of the best social media channels for brands to connect with and grow their audiences.

After all, it’s estimated that roughly 2.2 billion people use Facebook daily, while 2.8 billion people use it on a monthly average.

Learn more FB stats here.

With that, it’s easy to see why Facebook has become one of the leading content marketing channels for small businesses around the world.

When combined with the power of Facebook ads, building up your email list has become easier than ever.

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Wondering how to build an email list from Facebook ads? Looking for tips to help?

In this article, you’ll learn four ways to collect emails from your Facebook following.

Build A Lead Magnet – Grow Your Email List With Facebook Ads

In order to attract new email subscribers with a Facebook ad, you must first create a lead magnet.

Lead magnets are downloadables asset, such as a PDF file or video, that your subscribers will get in exchange for their email address.

There are literally dozens of options when it comes to what you can use as your lead magnet, but the first thing you need to do is to decide on what you want to offer.

Here are a few common lead magnet offers you can use:

  • PDF files
  • E-books
  • Video guides
  • Checklists
  • Templates
  • Worksheets

If, for example, you decide to offer a templated worksheet, you could set this up in a Google Doc, and then use software such as Canva to improve the content’s format.

Then, once you’ve created your lead magnet, you’ll need to set up a landing page, which is where you want to be sending your ad traffic.

The landing page is used to capture your viewer’s email and other contact information.

Your landing page doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the simpler, the better.

You can create a landing page with software such as Leadpages, Unbounce, Instapage, or simply by using a WordPress page and a form creation plugin.

Using Facebook Ads To Grow Your Email List

Although ads are an excellent way to help you grow your email list, it’s very easy to launch an ad that totally bombs and spend your entire ad budget without generating any leads.

But, have no fear! I’ll explain how to run an effective Facebook ad.

Running ads might seem like an overwhelming task, but all you need is a small budget and a bit of knowledge, and you’ll be able to attract new leads in no time.

Email List With Facebook Ads

Creating Facebook Ads To Grow Your Email List

To begin, navigate to your Facebook Ads Manager to start creating your ad.

You’ll want to select “Conversions” as your objective, choose a name for your ad campaign and lastly, click next.

Next, you’ll be asked to name your ad set, and then, you’ll want to create a new pixel conversion event for your landing page. Not sure how to do that? Check out this video:

Lastly, you’ll need to define the audience that you want your ad shown to.

This is the most vital aspect of running your Facebook ad because having a well-defined audience helps significantly decrease your cost-per-click.

There are many different methods for defining your FB audience, but below, you’ll find the two easiest ways to do so.

Use Facebook’s Retargeting Pixel

Retargeting allows you to show your ads to people who’ve already visited your page or website. And since they’re already familiar with your brand, they’re much more likely to convert.

While this option can be extremely effective for narrowing down your audience, it requires you to have already had Facebook Pixel up and running for a few weeks.

So while you’re waiting for Pixel to collect your data, you might want to consider this next option.

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Steal Your Competition’s Audience

The next best option to help you define your audience is to simply target your competitors’ audiences.

You can do this by targeting their Facebook page by using the “Detailed Targeting” section during the creation of your ad.

For example, if you sell natural body products, you could target Lush’s audience by typing their page name into the form. Or, if you’re a brand that sells coffee, you might target Death Wish Coffee’s Facebook page.

Screenshot showing Facebook Ads targeting section

To help you define your audience even better, you can even try targeting multiple competitor audiences and then adjusting the demographics to suit your business objectives.

You can also define your audience by adding restrictions. For example, you might restrict your ad targeting to a specific age group or geographic area.

Once you’ve clearly defined your ad’s target audience, fill out the rest of the ad settings, including your ad buget, and then click to continue.

Upload Your Ad Copy And Image

Also referred to as your Ad Creative, the ad copy and the image you choose is another crucial step to help you ensure smooth and effective FB ad.

Not everyone is an amazing copywriter, but you can try spicing up your ad copy by using “power words” that are more likely to attract interest and engage your audience.

Email List With Facebook Ads

A few power words are:

  • Free
  • Sale
  • Mind-blowing
  • Fascinating
  • Best

So let’s just say you’re giving away a free e-book guide on growing vegetables. Your ad copy might look something like this.

“Tired of buying expensive vegetables from the grocery store? Click “Learn More” below to get your FREE guide on growing your own vegetables this summer!”

Note that I’ve made it very clear what I want to the reader to do, click on “Learn More”.

The more clear and obvious you make the viewer’s next step (your call-to-action or CTA), the more likely a viewer will be to follow through.

Next, you’ll want to pair your ad copy with a kick-ass graphic to help you advertise your lead magnet.

Using software such as Canva can be the easiest to find awesome graphics to help your ad convert. They even offer Facebook Ad Templates to make your life easier.

We recommend using one of their stock templates and editing it to match your brand’s theme.

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Here are a few good tips for creating the best graphics for your Facebook ads.

  • Try using a little text as possible. Facebook recommends no more than 20% text in your ads.
  • Include power words such as “Free” or “Best”
  • Add a CTA or call-to-action that looks like a button.

You could also just use a picture of the product that you’re trying to promote or even a graphic that showcases the benefits of the product.

Then, once you’ve chosen your graphic, upload it along with your ad copy, choose where you want your ad displayed, and then click “Submit”.

Ads are usually approved within a few minutes. However, this process can take up to 2 days in some rare cases.


You’re now on your way to growing your email list with Facebook ads!

Congratulations, you’re now able to grow your email list with Facebook ads!

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Monitor And Track Your Results

In general, you’ll need to run ads for anywhere between 48 hours and 2 weeks before being able to get a good idea of how well it is performing.

Unless you’ve set up a large ad spend, like $50 or $100 per day, you can usually review your stats after a day or two. But with a smaller spend, it usually takes a few weeks for your ad to be shown to enough people.

So how can you tell if your ad is working effectively?

  • If you’re getting conversions, it’s definitely working.
  • If you’re getting a lot of clicks, but no conversions, there may be an issue with your landing page or offer.
  • If your ad is getting lots of impressions, but no click-throughs, there’s likely an issue with your targeting or the ad itself (copy, image, offer, or combination of all three).

If your ad still isn’t performing well after a few weeks, you’ll need to run a bit of A/B testing to see what’s wrong.

Depending on your issue, you might need to try a different offer, different ad copy, a different image, or a different audience.

Then run your ad for another trial period, depending on your budget, and compare your results to your initial ad to see why it wasn’t converting.

For more information on Facebook ads and marketing, contact The Hobo Marketing Company. We would love to hear from you!

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