The Importance of Digital Hygiene


Learn about the importance of good digital hygiene in today’s digital business landscape.

As a home business or small business, it’s extremely important to ensure your safety in digital spaces, at all times.

On a daily basis, you likely use digitals texts and tools on a number of digital platforms, such as Facebook, to conduct sensitive business affairs.

This includes processing and managing information about your finances, your health, as well as your personal and professional work lives.

Both at home and at work, digital hygiene needs to be thought of as extremely important.

Learn how to audit your digital hygiene here.

Importance of Digital Hygiene

The Danger of Poor Digital Hygiene

Having a single personal or professional account compromised by hackers or cyber-criminals could allow them to gain access to a number of your other accounts and/or devices.

In other words, criminals could lead a cyber attack against your small business by stealing files, hacking your accounts, cracking your passwords, or worst, stealing your money!

This goes to show you the importance of good digital hygiene for small businesses.

These types of cyber threats could come at any time and from anywhere. Be it at home, at home, while traveling between the two, or even while visiting public locations.

Some of the most common cyber threats are social engineering, website malware, social network scams, malicious emails or phishing scams and cyber harassment.

However, there are dozens of different ways that criminals can compromise your accounts, and in turn, your business.

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Importance of Digital Hygiene

Don’t Be A Victim

Therefore, it’s crucial for all Internet users, be it business or personal, to understand that cyber security threats are very real and that it’s important to practice proper digital hygiene every day.

As a small business, your digital hygiene is your responsibility!

Unfortunately today, you can no longer assume that device manufacturers and software engineers are going to ensure your online safety.

And your Internet service provider (ISP), or your workplace are also not responsible for your safety either.

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