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Need help writing blog posts for your brand? In the following article, we review the most important elements you need to include to have both search and engines and people enjoying your content.

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, if you’re a business or brand without an online presence, you’re not likely going to last very long.

In fact, today, blogging and social media are two of the absolute best ways to market your business to consumers.

That’s because these types of content marketing are considered inbound marketing, which, as opposed to outbound marketing (cold calls, outreach, door to door sales), is meant to naturally attract new customers, while also priming your current customers for repeat buys and repeat interactions with your brand.

But in order to use blogging effectively, marketers need to create content that’s not only interesting and engaging for prospects, but it also needs to be readable by search engines in order for consumers to be able to find your website online.

After all, if consumers aren’t able to find your content online, how are your blog posts supposed to persuade them to buy anything from you?

In the following blog post, we’ll be looking at the fine art of writing for both search engines and humans. So keep reading, and we’ll go over a few important practices that you should always keep in mind when creating blog content.

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Understand Blog Post Anatomy

When writing blog posts, it’s important to realize that you can’t just write a single, long paragraph, slap a headline on it, and call it a blog post.

In fact, there are many elements of a blog posts anatomy that you need to understand in order to be able to write content that search engines will easily understand and that humans will enjoy reading, which includes:

  • A catchy headline
  • HD images
  • Introduction paragraph
  • Lead in into the topic
  • Main subheadings or topic points
  • Conclusion
  • CTA or invitation to leave feedback in comments
  • Related posts

If you take a look at some of the top-ranking blog posts for virtually any keyword, I almost guarantee that they’ll include these 8 elements.

Not only does this help create a consistency in your blog posts, but it also helps give the post a better flow, starting with the most important information, and ending with the least important info, such as a concluding summary, CTA, and related post topics.

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Blog Posts That Rank in Google's Top 10
Source: http://www.neilpatel.com

Use High Volume Long-Tail Keywords

If you know anything about content marketing or blogging, I’m sure you’ve heard the term “keywords” once or twice.

A keyword is simply the search term or query that an internet uses to search for information on a search engine. Basically, if you found this blog post by typing something like “blog post tips” into Google, then “blog post tips” is the keyword that this page would be said to be ranking for.

Ideally, you always want your blog posts to be ranking on the first couple of results pages . This way, when a consumer searches for information on google, they’re going to be significantly more likely to see your blog post/website show up in the SERPs.

To find the best keywords to use, there are many online tools, such as Google Keyword Planner, which is completely free to use.

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Use An SEO Tool

If you’ve built your website, like me, using WordPress, it’s a good idea to install the Yaoust plugin onto your site, which will easily allow you to choose a focus keyword for your blog posts.

The best part about using Yaoust is that it will even provide you with a SEO analysis, containing a list of everything you can do to improve your blog posts’ SEO and readability.

However, for those that aren’t using WP, most website builders have some type of SEO tools that you can use to improve your site’s SEO rankings.

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Need Help Writing SEO Blog Posts For Your Brand?

It may seem simple, but creating blog content is somewhat of a fine art.

However, by ensuring that you’re including all the elements that I’ve listed here today, as well as focusing your content around high volume, long-tail keywords, you’re almost guaranteed to be able to increase traffic and visibility on your web pages.

Interested in learning more about how The Hobo Marketing Co. can help you create content for you brand? Contact Us today for a 100% free consult.

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