How To Tell Your Brand’s Story


Wondering how to tell your brand’s story? Then, you’ve come to the right place! Today, we go over the fine art of brand storytelling and how you can apply it to your brand’s marketing practices.

When it comes to content marketing, the key to any successful campaign is to have the content speak directly to your audience’s wants and needs. And the best way to do this is through brand storytelling.

Brand story telling is crucial when it comes to marketing because it plays on natural human emotions, and works to build trust between a brand and its customers.

Essentially, brand story telling helps makes your business or company seem more human to your consumers. In turn, this makes it more likely that consumers will relate and feel a connection with your brand, making it more likely that they’ll interact you with you in one way or another.

But what exactly is brand storytelling and how can you apply it to your marketing practices?

Keep reading, and we’ll dive into the basics of brand storytelling– what it is, and how to tell your brand’s story in order to help you properly connect to your audience.

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What is brand storytelling?

Brand story telling is basically the fine-art of using a narrative to connect a company with its customers in a more profound, human way. However, the narrative used must be focused on linking what a brand stands for, its value, to the similar values shared by the audience.

If you owned a brand that sold natural health products, you would tell your brand’s story by focusing on the values shared of natural health enthusiasts.

For example, people who use natural health products tend to be more eco-conscious people. Therefore, by focusing on environmental issues and linking your brand’s similar values to this type of topic, you’ll be in a much better position to sell to your audience.


How To Tell Your Brand’s Story

When telling a brand’s story, there are essentially three main elements that you’ll need to focus on:

  • Why?
  • How?
  • What?

And more specifically, you’ll need to focus on these three key elements in that same order.

In other words, you need to start of by telling your audience why your brand does what it does. This means explaining why the brand was started, what it aims to achieve, its mission statement, and other similar topics.

Keep in mind that the WHY always needs to focus core human values, which will allow your audience to feel a connection to your brand when they find themselves sharing the same values.

Next, it’s important to explain HOW your brand aims to do this.

So, for example, if you sell natural health products, you’ll need to explain how your brand’s natural health products can benefit the audience. In other words, it needs to explain what they can expect to get from you when dealing with your brand.

And finally, telling your brand’s story needs to hint on WHAT your brand has to offer in terms of its products or services.

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Brand Story Telling Example – TOMS

TOMS is a world-famous shoe company, which provides a sterling example of how a brand can use story telling as part of their extremely successful marketing practice.

When any person buys a pair of shoes from TOMS, the company vows to donate a pair of shoes to a child in an impoverished country.

The company was first started after its founder took a trip to Argentina and saw children living in the streets without any shoes. So with that in mind, he started a company that aimed to help children improve their lives around the world.

Today, this is the one thing that almost everybody knows about the TOMS shoe brand. But what makes this such a memorable aspect of the company?

It’s because it plays on real, core human emotions.

And by offering people the opportunity to help an impoverished child by purchasing a pair of shoes, people actually feel good about buying TOMS shoes.

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Telling Your Brands Story

Need help telling your brand’s story through blogging?

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