5 Essential Tools For Growing Website Traffic


Looking for the best tools for growing website traffic? Check out this week’s featured blog on the 5 best tools to add to your marketing arsenal today.

In today’s digital world, it’s crucial for businesses and organizations to have their own online presence, which includes being on social media, as well as having their own website.

However, having a website isn’t enough.

In fact, unless you’re actively marketing your website on social media, doing SEO, blogging, and building links for your site, it’s going to be extremely hard for internet users to find your website in the first place.

Growing Website Traffic

Below, we’re going to go over the 5 most popular tools being used by small businesses and marketers, which can be used to help track, monitor, and generate traffic to your website or blog.

Google Analytics

Launched way back in 2005, to this day, Google Analytics is still one of the most powerful analytics tools you can use. With Analytics, website owners can easily track their visitors in real-time, as well as having access to invaluable insights and audience demographics.

Google Analytics Real Time Reports: Web Traffic Right Now


Based out of Boston USA, SEMrush is a SaaS company that sells marketing and analytics software. The main basis of the platform is to help website owners improve their SEO keyword strategies.

40 Ways to Use SEMrush to Get the SEO Data You Need | Seer Interactive


YoastSEO is a powerful plugin for WordPress websites that allows its users to optimize their web pages and blog posts for specific keywords. It helps ensure better visibility in search engine rankings, as well as better readability for website visitors.

How to install Yoast SEO for WordPress • Yoast

Google Search Console

Search Console is another awesome google web service that allows site owners to check their websites’ indexing status, in turn, allowing them to optimize their sites for SEO. What’s great about Search Console is that you’ll be able to see the exact keywords that you’re showing up for, as well as where you’re ranking.

A Bite-sized Marketer's Guide to All the Latest Google Search Growing Website Traffic


Buzzsumo is a great way of tracking how well your own content is performing, as well as analyzing what content is performing well in your industry as a whole. An awesome tool for brainstorm popular content ideas.


Generating Website Traffic Today

Of course, these are only a few of the tools that can be used to help generate traffic for your website or blog, and there are dozens of alternative tools and platforms that are just as effective at tracking and monitoring your site metrics.

hobo marketing - Growing Website Traffic

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