Calling All Small Business Owners: Are You Mapping Your 2021 Digital Marketing Strategy Yet?


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2020 was one for the books in terms of being eventful, a term we know barely scrapes the surface on how we actually feel about it personally and collectively.

While it’s not time to close the book on the year, it -is- the right moment to start looking at how your business can hit the ground running in 2021.

Here are a few inbound marketing must-haves every local business should include in their strategy.

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Sudbury Growth Hacking

Whether you have a big budget, a small budget or feel like you have no room in the budget, any business can initiate efforts towards growth hacking.

There are many ways to approach this, even if you can’t afford the big billboards or event sponsorship ad space.

It can be as simple as creating a new, scalable product for your line that people really want or need or offering digital freebies to meet and hook your audiences (but saving the best of the best for the ones who pay).

The trick, however, to growth marketing is that you can’t, and shouldn’t, target everyone. Start with a niche and grow into a bigger market, then you won’t get lost in a giant space full of people all yelling within the same crowd.

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Guide Blogging for Small Businesses

Whether in a pandemic, or a far less panicky situation, customers look to businesses for not just products or services but solutions to a problem. These problems can be bad (broken items, home repairs) or good (hungry, thirsty or shopping for new for fun) problems to have, so don’t assume negative on approach.

To what problem does your product or service provide a solution for your customer base, and how can you let them know?

One of the most mutually beneficial ways is guideblogging.

Not only could the creation of explanatory blogs promote your offerings in helpful fashion to customers, without being too “salesy,” blogs are also an underrated SEO (search engine optimization) boost for your website, making it easier to find you!

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Content Marketing in Sudbury (& Nationwide) – Digital Marketing Strategy

In any marketing scenario, content is king and yours needs to be custom, creative and coming straight from your business, not a stock images website (customers know the difference!).

According to Statistics Canada, 8 in 10 Canadians were shopping online with an average physical goods expenditure of $1,165 CAD. In further research by PayPal, 56% of surveyed Canadian shoppers.

Were your products or services bought by one of those 8? Can your potential customers see your goods online at all?

If they can’t find your content, they’ll find your competition’s, whether down the street or up their Instagram/Facebook feed.

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Affiliate & Influencer Marketing

When bringing 3rd parties into your strategy, it can be easy to make influencer and affiliate marketing mistakes.

Don’t just look at the number of likes and follows (these can be bought) of your potential content creators and affiliate ambassadors. Look at the true, organic engagement. What audiences are participating in two-way engagement, if any, and do these audiences align with the ones you’d like to reach?

If not, those high numbers won’t help you, they’ll just tap the heart button, not the link, and keep scrolling.

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Digital Hygiene

Business can get pretty messy throughout the year. Sometimes we let the little things slip and, over time, they all build up into suddenly big and daunting tasks.

Before the new year begins, take time each day to organize files, clean un-necessary emails and downloads, refresh passwords and check for updates on your applications, web hosting and operating systems.

The cleaner your digital space, the easier your digital efforts will be (and less time consuming too!)

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Ready to Get Started?

From social media and content management to blogging and keyword research, consulting and strategy development right down to our Hobo SEO service, we’re here to make each step you take one towards measurable success.

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