Inbound Marketing For Small Business In Canada


Want to know about inbound marketing for small business in Canada, or anywhere else in the world? Learn the benefits and importance of inbound marketing below.

There are many methods for marketing your business, but one of the tried and true methods is inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing is a combination of methods allowing organizations to build meaningful and lasting relationships.

It’s all about valuing and empowering consumers, prospects, and customers alike.

In its purest form, inbound marketing revolves around content that sparks conversations to address consumer pain points or goals.

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Inbound Marketing Statistics 2020 – 2021

Inbound marketing is fantastic for businesses for many reasons. But you don’t need me to tell you about that, the data speaks for itself:

Below, I explain some of the specific perks you get from using inbound marketing.

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Boost Brand Visibility

For a time, businesses felt like separate entities that people interacted with. But as social media developed and became a reality, the more people desired businesses to be more personable. No longer were businesses purely transactional. People craved relationships with the businesses that they supported.

From those desires, inbound marketing revolves around this concept. It’s developed so much to the point that if you try to be a separate entity, no one will buy your products. Instead, people want brands to be telling stories, creating connections, and making people feel valued.

Due to this relationship, if you are using inbound marketing – like sending emails, publishing content that’s useful, and generally interacting with customers and listening to them – you’re going to have more brand visibility.

People love talking about businesses who listen to them or are out there doing good things.

Generate Relevant Business Leads

Another perk to using inbound marketing is that you’ll be generating relevant business leads. Because your business has a personality, there’s naturally going to be people who will like your personality and therefore your brand.

They’ll want to interact with your brand more because of the various positive emotions that you give them through your marketing efforts – whether those are in emails, blog posts, or even videos.

By strengthening that connection, you’ll be generating leads that are relevant to you.

After all, if someone doesn’t like your brand or isn’t suitable for them for whatever reason, they’re not going to sign up to your mailing list or constantly keep an eye on your content.

This leaves an audience of individuals who are potential prospects waiting to be converted into leads.

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A Hands-Free, Cost-Effective Business Solution – Inbound Marketing Small Business Canada

The final benefit I’ll share is that it’s a very hands-off method and it’s very cost-effective.

Whether you’re sending out emails or posting video content, the costs involved in inbound marketing are very little, especially when compares to traditional marketing avenues like TV or radio ads.

Even promoting posts through social media is pretty cost-effective, since you can set your own budget. Plus, the fact that Facebook Advertisements can be highly targeted, which even further increases your chances of a better ROI.

Once you make that blog post or video, it’s on the internet until you decide to take it down.

In other words, the content that I can help you create is permanent exposure for your brand to individual internet users.

All that’s required from you is taking some up-front costs and effort at the start.

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Leverage Your Audience With Inbound Marketing

From those benefits alone, you can tell that inbound marketing is smarter, cheaper, and more effective than most other marketing tactics out there.

You can easily build a brand into a highly profitable business, and turn a profit thanks to inbound marketing.

Of course, these results aren’t going to be instant and do require some time and effort.

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