Inexpensive Online Marketing For Canadian Small Businesses


Looking for a few inexpensive online marketing tips? Learn about 3 simple, yet powerful ways to market your small business on the internet.

Small businesses need to be craftier with their resources and more creative with their opportunities to thrive.

You aren’t going to beat out the big players in your industry by using the same marketing methods but spending less money.

Small businesses do have one significant advantage over bigger ones, however, and that’s you. You can run your business the way you see fit.

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Larger companies have to appease various stakeholders along every step in the process, which can cause significant problems.

Owning a smaller business means less concession-making and more doing.

Here are some inexpensive and creative ways to market a small business that may just give you an edge over the bigger guys.

Take Advantage Of LinkedIn’s Lesser-Known Features

LinkedIn may not seem as fun as other social media platforms but it provides ample opportunity to promote yourself and your business.

One way you can become a player in your industry is by joining industry groups on LinkedIn. Join one or more groups related to your industry and become a frequent poster who interacts with others.

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You can find relevant groups by searching keywords related to your industry or by looking at what groups other in your field are taking part in.

Connect with others in your field and you will be surprised at how quickly and frequently opportunities to expand your business are presented to you.

Building a business isn’t just about bringing in customers but also connecting with those who can help you grow in other ways.

Customer Referral Program/Positive Review Bribing

If your business is new, you will likely want to treat your first crop of customers as if they are royalty. You need them.

The more loyal your customers are, the easier it is to bring in new ones.

To this end, you can offer a customer referral program or free gifts for people who fill out positive online reviews of your business online.

Online review sites are becoming a more important aspect of businesses, especially for smaller companies doing business online.

The more you can appear credible on sites such as Yelp, the easier it will be for you to attract new customers.

Inexpensive Online Marketing

Let’s use a business owner who just opened up a new online bookstore as an example.

The owner could offer new customers a deal for 15% off their next purchase if they fill-out an online review of the business and give it a perfect score.

Similarly, the same business could also offer customers a discount on purchases when they encourage their friends to purchase books from the store as well.

This can be done by offering customers a referral code they can send to friends and family.

New customers would then use this code at checkout to receive a discount.

The financial benefit of these marketing strategies is that you never have to pay upfront, but rather are just offering discounts on purchases.


Apply For Business Awards

Applying for and even winning a local business award is much easier than you think. You don’t need anyone to nominate you for such an award, other than yourself that is.

Why Most Business “Awards” Are a Scam, Preying on Pride | by Jim Dee |  Medium

Simply run a Google search online for local business awards in your area and fill out the forms, pay the fees, and there is a good chance you’ll be nominated or win something.

You can then mention your award history on your website or through your social media channels, giving your business exposure and credibility.

Become An Industry Expert

Perhaps you opened up a small business because you know how your industry should run. You know all the problems associated with your industry and have fully-formed opinions about what could be done to solve such issues.

One easy and affordable way to get more eyes on your business is to become a verified expert in your industry. This is not as hard as you might think, provided you really know what you are talking about.

You don’t need to spend money on a website or even play around with social media to make this happen (though doing both would be helpful).

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In 2020, there are numerous free ways to get your thoughts out there. Let’s use the example of a small business owner who just opened up an online hat store.

This person could use or another blog site to write their opinions about the latest trends in the industry, what is different about how they make hats and more.

The small business owner can then post this blog entry to relevant Facebook groups, Reddit subs, Twitter hashtags and other outlets to get as many views as possible.

This gets more eyes on you and more eyes on your business as a result.

Market yourself as an expert online and your business will reap the rewards.

If you are not confident in your own abilities as a writer, there are businesses out there who can help market you as an industry leader.

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