3 Remote Work Productivity Tips


Need a few remote work productivity tips? Whether you’ve been stuck working from home due to the recent pandemic situation, or you job has always had you working from home. I’m sure you already know how awesome and how terribly it can be.

You know what I’m talking about…

The fact that you get to work in your pyjamas without leaving the house is awesome. But the fact that you get to work in your pyjamas without leaving the house, where you have your bed, and your couch, and your fridge, and the dogs. And the million other distractions that keep you from reaching your productive work-at-home aspirations.

That’s why I thought It’d be a good idea to focus today’s blog post on productivity tips for stay-at-home or remote workers.

So keep reading, and we’ll dive right in!

Remote Work Productivity Tips

Build Your Routine

You know what they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, and neither are productive habits, which is exactly why you need to start building your routine today.

Of course, when you’re working from home, it can be hard to find a regular rhythm. But the best advice I can give you is to start by waking up at the same time every day, as early as possible in my opinion.

I truly believe that starting the day early is one of the absolute best productivity tips I can mention.

Just by being awake early, you’ll naturally feel like there’s more time in the day (because there is), which will help you find all the time you need to get your tasks accomplished.

But aside from waking up early, at the same time everyday, try starting a few other good habits to kick your days off on the right foot. A healthy breakfast, a bit of exercise, maybe a crossword puzzle or two.

Whatever you do, the important thing is to gradually start building a routine that’s going to get you ready and set the pace for the rest of your day. Start the day off on the right foot, and the rest of your day, typically, tends to be more productive.

Which, brings me to my next point; getting enough sleep.

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Get Enough Rest

When we work from home, it’s sooooooo much easier to feel justified in staying up until 2am when we have to work the next day. But whether you work at home or in your employer’s office, the fact is that your brain and body just don’t function properly when your tired.

In fact, countless studies have shown that human productivity and performance are directly linked to physical exhaustion. So no matter how you look at it, if you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re missing out on significant amount of brain power that you could be using to help boost your productivity.

Especially if you’re trying to implement my first point, which was to start your days early, it’s important to get a minimum of 8 hours sleep at night.

Remote Work Productivity Tips

Eat Healthy

Just like a lack of sleep, a lack of healthy nutritious foods can also lead to poor remote work productivity. And, especially since you’re working from home, there’s literally no excuse for you to be eating trashy fast food or take out for lunch.

Not only does eating take out food during your working hours take away from the amount your earning, it’s especially taxing on your body, because take out food isn’t exactly known for being brain-boosting, productivity-enhancing food.

So avoid the junk! Make sure you’re eating healthy whole grains, and fruits and vegetables.

Trust me, once you start eating properly, you’ll quickly realize how much energy you’ve been missing out on to help yourself remain productive throughout the day.

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Stay Happy, Healthy, Positive, And You’ll Be Product

I know these aren’t revolutionary tips. They’re really quite simple and basic. But the fact is that these 3 tips are enough to completely change how productive you are on a daily basis.

When we put them to work, no matter what we do, our bodies become the workplace machinery that gets us through the day.

But when we don’t take the time to maintain that machinery, when we don’t perform proper repairs, or use the best types of oil, it’s guaranteed that these machines are going to perform at their optimal performance levels.

So just like any other productive, well-oiled workplace machinery, it’s vital to have a maintenance schedule, as well as enough rest and the proper fuel to keep yourself motivated, productive, and happy when working from home!

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