What Is Email Marketing?


If you own and operate a small business, you’ve probably heard people talking about how email marketing is one of the most effective selling methods to your customers.

In fact, according to HubSpot, for every $1 spent as part of a business email campaign, approximately $38 are generated. When you do the math, that’s a staggering 3,800% return on your investment!

But what is email marketing exactly? And how can you implement this powerful marketing strategy into your small business’s overall success plan?

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What Is Email Marketing Exactly?

Essentially, email marketing is the process of sending out mass commercial messages to a group of contacts via email. So in other words, it’s the act of marketing a brand or promoting a product or service. All by using email as its main channel, rather than say social media or through blogging.

To narrow it down, most emails sent as part of an email marketing campaign are sent to existing customers to maintain contact with them in hopes of making a recurring sale.

Of course, there are many different reasons why you might want to send out emails to your current and prospective customers.

But in the end, you’re always going to be doing this to help build some rapport with them. When nourished with trustworthy and engaging content, it can lead to increased sales or profits for nearly any business.

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How Can You Start Sending Out Business Emails?

Today, one of the most popular platforms available to help small businesses with their email marketing campaigns is MailChimp.

With MailChimp, you’re seamlessly able to upload your existing email list. You can also use the platform’s form building tools to help you create an email list from scratch.

Alternatively, business owners can use any number of online platforms to create and plan their email campaigns. However, as a brand or business owner, the important thing is that you take the time to implement this strategy as part of your ongoing inbound process.

Finally, it’s important to understand that any business can and should have a list of emails of all their contacts, which includes both current and prospective customers.

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To build an email list, however, you’re going to need a solid lead generation strategy, which will help put you in front of potential customers. And in turn, you’ll be able to use this contact point to obtain their email addresses. Which can later be used in your ongoing email marketing strategy.

What Should I Send Them?

Again, depending on your specific brand or business, there are many different reasons you’ll want to email your contacts.

For starters, the most obvious would be to promote your products or services. However, pre-scheduled emails can also be sent out as monthly or weekly newsletters. Or they can be sent out to promote your website’s recent blog posts.

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If you need help planning and writing content for your next email marketing campaign, don’t hesitate to contact The Hobo Marketing Co. today.

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