What Is Inbound Marketing For Small Business?


Not sure what inbound marketing really is? Or why your business needs to include it in your online business practices?

Also known as content marketing, inbound marketing tactics are used to attract new prospects to a brand or business in hopes of gaining new customers.

To do this, marketers use strategic content creation plans tailored to the wants, needs, and specific buyer’s journey of their target audience.

The rise of inbound marketing and how to master it - 2020

In other words, as opposed to outbound marketing, inbound marketing uses content, such as blogs, social posts, and emails, to nurture the relationship between a brand and the people who are most likely to interact with them.

It’s about building trust and forming connections with both current and prospective customers, which helps increase the odds of driving profit, while also improving the overall reputation of the brand in the eyes of consumers.

Strategic Planning – Inbound Marketing 101

To effectively use this simple yet powerful marketing tactic, brand and business owners need to take a strategic approach, which involves carefully defining their target audiences and then creating a content plan that will specifically address that audience’s needs.

This can be done by creating engaging blog posts, social media content, or emails that answer questions or solve common problems amongst the target demographic. 

Introduction to Inbound Marketing [Video]

Inbound Vs. Outbound Marketing

While any savvy business owner will include both inbound and outbound marketing into their overall business practices, it’s important to understand that there is a clear distinction between the two.

When it all boils down, inbound marketing is about drawing people into a brand or organization.

These people are already using the internet to find the answers to their problems and checking out your competitors. Therefore, inbound marketing’s main goal is to create content that appeals to each stage of your target audience’s buying journey.

In the end, this helps attract new customers, convert them into leads, and increase the likelihood of making a sale!

What is Inbound Marketing? - Glossary

On the other hand, outbound marketing refers to more traditional advertising methods and promoting a brand or business. Think of traditional newspaper ads, TV ads, cold-calling, billboards, etc.

When these types of strategies are used, brands are pushing OUT their marketing materials to gain new customers.

While inbound marketing may be the new Cadillac of the online business world, it won’t ever replace traditional outbound methodologies. Instead, inbound marketing should be thought of as a way to enhance and supplement traditional marketing strategies.

Hobo marketing

What Can Hobo Marketing Do For You?

We’ll help you define your target audience, including your buyer’s personas and journey, plan out an engaging content strategy that includes blogs, social posts, and emails, as well as create and schedule all your content to put it in front of the right people at the right time!

If you need help planning or creating an inbound strategy for your brand, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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