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2020 has been a disruptive and unpredictable year, but with the right strategies and advances, digital marketing may well become one of the sole industries able to flourish in spite of all the pandemonium.

The pandemic has pushed everyone onto new online platforms and for sustained periods of time, opening up a whole new world of marketing opportunity.

Factor in legislative upheavals and mainstream political movements, and we’re treading on completely different consumer terrain today compared to just a few years ago. 

So with that in mind, here’s a rundown of the top 5 digital marketing trends coming our way in 2021.

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1. Emphasis on Google’s “Featured Snippet”  

Appearing high up on search engine results has always been a sought-after SEO goal, but in the latter part of this year the stakes were raised when Google launched the “featured snippet”. This function allows users to read the answer to their question on top of the results page, without having to click on anything at all.

This poses a challenge for digital marketers, who need to find a way to make the snippet informative yet intriguing enough to get users to follow through and click on the link. The trick is to provide enough information to convince readers that they will find all the answers they need simply by opening the page.

Mastering the snippet is undoubtedly the SEO aspiration of 2021.

2. SEO for Voice Activated Search

Thanks to our virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa, voice activated search has become the norm for navigating daily life and we rely on it for things like checking the weather, listening to music, and even turning the lights on and off.

Now that it’s integrated into our smart phones and devices, we’re also regularly using it to search the web and get answers to pressing questions. If this is going to be the future of internet searches, then companies need to find a way to refine their SEO to work with it.

Companies which can crack the code first will see their market share grow exponentially, while companies still relying on text search optimisation will see theirs plummet.

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3. Customer Segmentation and “Values” Branding

Brands have always allocated themselves a target market, but due to the sheer amount of data social media platforms have on their users, that market can now be refined down to the tiniest detail. 

This means manual segmentation will be outmoded and algorithms will be taking over. With easier access to target customers, brands will have to create content that attracts, engages, delights, and retains their customer base.

This is where “values” branding comes in. 

With so much time spent connected, people are more informed and opinionated than ever. They want to know where there brands stand on key issues like climate change, gender equality, The Black Lives Matter movement—to name but a few.

Brands which can have a clear voice and know where they stand on current affairs will see the best customer loyalty.

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4. Shoppable Posts

With all of us staying home and doing most of our shopping online, online retailers have seen a major spike in sales. Increased browsing time has also naturally led to a soar in ‘shoppable posts’, a strategy, which combines passive scrolling with active purchasing for a whole new consumer experience.

Sprout Social disclosed that 46% of Instagram users had purchased a sponsored product presented to them via an Instagram post in 2020. 2021 is likely to see this amount double as social media platforms work on allowing users to complete purchases directly through their apps.

Something we’re likely to see in the future is businesses selling exclusively through their Instagram or Facebook pages.

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5. Ephemeral Content

Snapchat was the trailblazer that brought us “ephemeral content”—content which disappears after a set period of time. Other social media platforms took heed from this, launching their own similar functions, like Instagram or Facebook Stories.

The attraction to this kind of post is a feeling of exclusivity and immediacy—that by virtue of being in the right place at the right time, you get to consume this transient content. It’s also tailored to the modern consumer’s attention span, which is also, let’s face it, increasingly short-lived.

It’s notable that one of the most successful marketers of the century, Kylie Jenner, exclusively uses her personal social media accounts to advertise her products and heavily relies on the Instagram’s ‘story’ function (to phenomenal success.)

In 2021, we’ll likely see marketers trying to utilize this appetite for ephemeral content and get creative in their delivery. 

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