Why Inbound Marketing Is THE MOST Important Business Process

inbound marketing

Ready to get started with inbound marketing?

When you break it down, inbound marketing is the process of creating content and marketing materials in order to attract new customers to your brand.

This is done in a variety of ways, including blogging, posting on social media, paid ads, or organic SEO.

But no matter which methodology used, the principle is the same: attract, engage and delight your target audience with the goal of converting them into paying customers.

While most small business owners understand that they rely on their existing customers. Many are at a loss when it comes to attracting new customers to their brand so that they can grow and scale their business.

Inbound marketing is the key to doing just that.

inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing For Small Business

Although there are many different approaches to inbound marketing, the absolute best approach is to use a healthy balance of ALL inbound marketing strategies.

This means getting active on social media, regularly posting content on your blog and website, working to improve your site’s domain authority, and optimizing your website to rank better on search engines.

It’s not an overnight process, but as brands continue to produce content and actively work at inbound marketing, they’ll gradually gain more exposure, better search engine rankings, and most importantly, they’ll have all the tools and assets in order to properly attract, delight, and grow their audience.

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How Effective Is Inbound Marketing?

  • On average, inbound leads cost 61% less than outbound marketing leads.
  • Businesses that rely heavily on inbound marketing save roughly $14 per newly acquired customer.
  • 41% of marketers worldwide believe that inbound marketing can produce measurable income.
  • 82% of marketers who blog see a positive ROI from their inbound efforts
  • 79% of businesses who blog report positive ROIs from their efforts.
  • 80% of decision-makers prefer getting information about a company from a series of articles rather than an advertisement.
  • Properly executed inbound strategies can be as much as 10x more effective than traditional outbound strategies.
  • The average cost of a lead drops by about 80% after 5 months of consistent inbound marketing.
  • On average, inbound marketing costs 62% less than outbound, while also tripling the number of leads generated.
  • Inbound marketing can boost conversion rates as much as 6% to 12%

Source: Invespcro.com

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Ready To Get Started With Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing might not be rocket science, but it certainly can be confusing, especially for brands and small businesses that are just starting to get their feet off the ground.

If you need help learning about planning your inbound marketing strategy, check out our Blog, or feel free to schedule a FREE consultation with us.

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