What Does A Basic Inbound Marketing Strategy Look Like?


Trying to figure out what a basic inbound marketing strategy is?

When it comes to building and growing a brand online, inbound marketing is often the simplest, and most cost-effective way to go about it.

In fact, even the world’s largest brands, such as Coca Cola, McDonald’s, and others, invest heavily in their inbound marketing efforts to reach new customers and attract them to buy their products and services.

In some ways, inbound marketing can be thought of like the sugar water you might set it to attract insects.

Not that inbound marketing is meant to be a trap.

But it is meant to be the magnet that helps you attract consumers to your brand so that your sales team can engage, nurture, and ideally, convert them into regular paying customers.

With that being said, a successful inbound marketing strategy will use a number of different tactics, such as blogging, on-page SEO, backlink building and more.

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Although it’s often underrated, today, blogging is singlehandedly one of the most powerful ways that brands can engage with their current and prospective customers.

Typically, brands will use blogging as a way to provide their potential customers with the information that they’re already looking for online. In turn, blogging works to attract new customers, delight existing customers, while also improving organic search rankings and establishing the brand as a valued source of information on a given topic.

For instance, if you check out our blog, you’ll find all sorts of neat information about inbound marketing, including SEO, e-mail marketing, copywriting, and more.

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On-Page SEO

When you create web pages or blogs, they need to be properly setup and optimized so that search engines (and humans) will easily be able to find them.

Performing on-page SEO includes optimizing your pages’ meta-tags, descriptions, alt-text, and content so that search engines can clearly identify what your pages are about. In turn, this will help them rank your site accordingly.


Backlinks are hyperlinks from other websites that lead back to your own.

You can think of these as your site’s reputation or social proof, which helps search engines determine whether or not your web pages are trustworthy.

In other words, search engines use the number and quality of backlinks that point to your site as an indicator of how to rank yours. Generally, the more backlinks, the better.

However, if the backlinks are coming from spammy or low Domain Authority websites, they won’t do you any good, and can actually cause the search engine to penalize your site.

Image result for hyperlinkEffective Inbound Marketing

While there are many other approaches to a successful inbound marketing campaign, the principle always remains the same: Attract, engage, and delight your audience.

This is done by solving problems for your target audience, answering their questions, and providing them with the information that they’re looking for online.

In turn, you’ll work to establish yourself as a valued resource, while also improving your search engine rankings, and in turn, driving an increasing amount of traffic to your site.

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