The Ultimate Skystra Review – WordPress Hosting, WooCommerce, Cloud Services, And More!


Thinking about signing up for Skystra web hosting, but aren’t sure if it’s worth it? Check out our in-depth review of Skystra Cloud.

When it comes to building stunning websites and mobile-optimized eCommerce shops, there’s virtually no end to the number of hosting providers out there. 

While this is ideal for offering plenty of options to choose from, it can also, unfortunately, make choosing a provider more challenging than it should be. 

Although it’s a lesser-known name, Skystra is the perfect platform for anyone looking to launch their first website, build a comprehensive eCommerce store, or find some of the most up-to-date cloud hosting resources available for their business. 

What Is Skystra?

Skystra is a cutting-edge tech company that aims to offer a wide range of high-performance web services, allowing business owners and professionals to host websites, create custom emails, or register domain names all from a single, convenient place. 

The company claims to take a customer-based approach to their service offerings. 

And, as it stands, their platform powers more than half a million websites from all around the world! 

Below, we’ll take an in-depth look at everything Skystra has to offer, including their pricing options, client area, special features, customer support, and more! 

Skystra – Pricing Options

Whether you’re a small business owner or the manager of a large, multinational company, Skystra has many attractive pricing options suited to budgets of all sizes, starting as low as $3.89/month for a basic WordPress website. 

WordPress Hosting Prices

For those looking to get a WordPress website online and active, Skystra offers a total of three different pricing packages. These range from $3.89/month to $12.89/month, perfect for all sorts of businesses or professionals looking for comprehensive hosting.  

Skystra’s Go package only includes hosting for a single website. 

However, for anyone who upgrades to either the Plus or Max plans, you’ll be able to host an unlimited number of websites, create unlimited emails, and access advanced security features. (Max plan only)

WooCommerce Hosting Prices

Looking to launch an online store and earn online? 

Skystra also offers a total of three dedicated WooCommerce hosting plans, available at $5.89/month, $9.89/month, or $19.89/month. 

Skystra  woocommerce pricing

Similar to its WordPress hosting plans, with the Go plan, you’ll only get hosting for a single online store. 

However, the Plus and Max plans offer hosting for an unlimited number of stores and many other more advanced features for businesses or professionals that want more room to grow in the future. 

Cloud Hosting Prices

For larger businesses or enterprises, Skystra also offers a range of dedicated Cloud hosting resources, ranging from $49.89/month to $98.89/month. 

You’ll notice that dedicated cloud hosting is a bit more expensive than WordPress or WooCommerce hosting. 

However, you’ll also notice that you have the option to choose how often you pay, which can save you a ton of money when you opt to purchase an annual plan rather than paying monthly.

Email And Domain Prices

Whether you’re looking for a basic email address for yourself or you need a dedicated business email address with a ton of storage, Skystra has several attractive email plans, starting as low as $1/month.

All Skystra email plans include anti-spam and anti-virus protection, ideal for larger, growing businesses where security is a top priority.

Skystra also makes it easy to register and renew your domain names. 

Choose from .com, .org, .net, and more, starting as low as $12.29 per year. 

Skystra – Useability & Client Area

When you log into Skystra, the first thing you’ll notice is that the client dashboard is simple, clean, and not overwhelming. This makes it ideal for anyone who is still new to building and hosting websites through a third-party service. 

Skystra  client area

From the dashboard’s main menu, users can easily access pretty much everything they might need, including viewing their website, cPanel, domains, billing, and customer support information.

So whether you want to order new services or purchase addons, register, renew, or transfer domains, view invoices or update your payment methods, or access the knowledgebase or open a customer support ticket, you can do it all without having to waste your time trying to find where these options are. 

If you scroll down a bit further, you’ll also find an array of quick shortcuts to access your email accounts, mail forwarders and autoresponders, file manager, and more.   

A couple other key points are that you’ll have the option to quickly create a custom email account or see an overview of your billing information directly from the client area’s main page. 

Overall, Skystra’s client area is neat, clean, and easy to use. 

It provides virtually everything you’ll need from the main page, which makes it super easy to navigate even for those who don’t have much experience hosting websites. 

Skystra – Security

To protect your data and personal privacy, Skystra offers a suite of security options, such as free SSL with all plans, daily website backups, and all sorts of other advanced security options. 

For starters, when I first logged into the client area, one thing that I really liked was that they offer the option to set up Two-Factor Authentication, which makes it practically impossible for anyone other than yourself to access your hosting account.  

Additionally, Skystra has a multi-layered defense infrastructure, designed explicitly to keep your websites and emails safe from malware and viruses.

With a total of 6 layers of security, your data is protected by an active firewall, malware scans and removal capabilities, plus an AI-powered network to help identify advanced threats that have yet to be documented!  

Overall, Skystra offers everything needed to keep you, your clients, and your website visitors safe while online! 

Skystra – Customer Support

Building, hosting, and maintaining websites isn’t as simple as you’d think. 

That’s why Skystra also offers access to a comprehensive knowledge base and resource center where its users can turn to when in need of help with their hosting services. 

From the knowledgebase, users can easily search for relevant information, and find hundreds of helpful articles with solutions to their problems. 

Sometimes, however, you might need more help than what you can find in the knowledgebase. 

So when you’ve got a tough problem that you can’t solve on your own, it’s good to know that Skystra also allows you to open a support ticket. Tickets can be opened, tracked, and managed all from the client area. 


Finally, Skystra also has an active online community, which can be accessed via social media when you need help or simply want to learn more about using the platform.

Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, YouTube, or anywhere else, simply look for Skystra’s profile to find community help and support, tips, tricks, information and more! 

Skystra – Affiliate Program

Finally, Skystra also has a comprehensive Affiliate Program that you can join, enabling you to earn passive income by promoting their services on your website. 


As an affiliate, you’ll earn 50% of every successful sale you refer. Plus, there are no caps or minimums, meaning it’s easy to earn with Skystra! 

Another great thing about the Skystra affiliate program is that affiliates can choose to get paid in credits, which can be used towards paying for your web services, or in cash, which can be deposited directly into your bank account! 

Skystra Cloud – Final Takeaway

In the end, there’s not much to dislike about Skystra Cloud. 

They provide a comprehensive web hosting service for anyone looking to build WordPress websites and WooCommerce stores, or anyone looking for dedicated cloud hosting solutions. 

As a customer, you’ll get access to comprehensive hosting solution via a clean, user-friendly client area, all sorts of security tools and options to protect your data and privacy, customer support at the click of a button, as well as access to their affiliate program, so you can add an additional stream of income to your business! 

What’s not to love about that?

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