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Challenging the status quo, through thought-provoking dialogue, and exquisite words.

Since 2016, The Hobo Marketing Co. has been working with clients from all over the world, in practically all sectors of industry, helping them find the right words and strategies to achieve their business goals.

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Our client relationships endure because we always respond quickly and accurately to any and all requests.

And because we offer a wide range of digital marketing services, our knowledge and expertise keeps our clients coming back to us for help.

Our goal is to create a distinct voice for your brand, establishing you as an expert in your industry.

Together, we help you create content that not only reaches your audience but will also keep them informed and engaged with your brand.

By publishing the right content, you’re nurturing your relationship with your customers, building trust and establishing yourself as a thought-leader in your industry.

After all, information is the most powerful asset.

The Hobo Marketing Co.

Learn more about the Services offered by The Hobo Marketing Co. located in the small town of French River, Ontario.

As one of Northern Ontario’s premier content marketing agencies, we welcome any type of communication assignments.

We work tirelessly to adapt and align our services to help you reach your business goals.

The Importance of Content Marketing

Let’s Create Content That Connects

Consumers are changing the way that they consume content. They’re increasingly turning to online sources to get their information, but they’re avoiding any type of third-party advertising at all costs.

That’s where content marketing steps in.

Creating valuable content is the one thing that can allow you to better communicate with your audience. Content not only keeps them engaged, but it will also help set you apart from your competition.

The Hobo Marketing Co.’s Voice

Joel Laforest
Joel Laforest

With 3+ years of experience in online communications and content creation, I’m your go-to writer for high-quality website copy, blog posts, press releases, and news articles.

I’m passionate about content marketing, blog writing, website design and development, SEO, and WordPress optimization.

I constantly devour new information with an unmatched curiosity and can quickly get myself up to date on the latest specifics of any industry.

I’m always focused on your bottom line — by connecting you with your audience.

Recent Work

Freelance Work


Since 2016, I’ve been actively working as an SEO copywriter, editor, translator, and content marketer on Check out my freelancer profile to get a better idea of what I can do!

The Scented Bohemian


Diane recently came to me as the owner of The Scented Bohemian. She has been running her small business since 2016, selling natural skin and body products. But when she tried to move her business online, she hit a brick wall. We helped revamp her website, and got her blog up and running.



One of my favorite writing gigs has been for Nirvanium. Check out their blog to read some of my more recent work. The website is dedicated to everything science and tech.

Let’s build something together.

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