If you’re reading this, I already know you’re looking for a high-quality copy for your small business.

But I’m going to level with you right now. I’m a construction worker by trade.

Reading and writing have always been a passion of mine.

But after working in the trades for almost 10 years, I knew that I wanted to pursue copywriting as a career. I always enjoyed working on construction sites, but it just wasn’t the type of job that I was passionate about.

So I dove in headfirst. And I’ve been a full-time freelance blogger, copywriter and content marketer ever since.

I’ve worked for dozens of clients in all sorts of industries. From health and medicine to space and tech, and much more. I was even hired once to write a children’s book!

So if you’re looking for a fresh voice to help spread the word about your company, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me today!

Check out some of my recent writing work here:


Copywriting Portfolio

Check out some of my past work experience:

Freelance Work


Since 2016, I’ve been actively working as an SEO copywriter, editor, translator, and content marketer on Check out my freelancer profile to get a better idea of what I can do!

The Scented Bohemian


Diane recently came to me as the owner of The Scented Bohemian. She has been running her small business since 2016, selling natural skin and body products. But when she tried to move her business online, she hit a brick wall. We helped revamp her website, and got her blog up and running.



One of my favorite writing gigs has been for Nirvanium. Check out their blog to read some of my more recent work. The website is dedicated to everything science and tech.

Let’s build something together.

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Let’s set up a call so that I can better understand your small business challenges and figure out how my services can help.

From there, I’ll put together a task-specific proposal for services based on your budget and marketing needs.