The PR Industry Vs. Content Marketing

For years, it’s been normal for the PR industry to rely on the media to publish their client’s stories. This has allowed them to raise awareness about their brand and achieve visible results to show to their clients. The way it would work is that an agency would pitch a story to a media outlet, […]


How A Blogger Makes Money

Who hasn’t wanted to be a blogger? We’ve all fantasized about the idea of working from home and getting paid to write blog posts all day, haven’t we? But while it might seem easy to sit around all day and write blog posts, you might not actually know how bloggers get paid to write their […]

to kill a marketer

To Kill A Marketer

Black coffee. Endless office hours. Dead websites. Strange blog posts. Alien and remote. Pangs of writer’s block. There’s nothing to say. What’s trending on Twitter? The first clients had already left. Struck me as useless. I did not hate them. I just didn’t want to work for them. My last client went bankrupt. Left me […]


Creating a content calendar for your brand

Content calendars can make or break even the most well-planned strategy. Learn about their importance and how to create your own.


Lost in the big, bad world of digital marketing

We’ve all heard it before; if you don’t have an online presence, you won’t be able to reach new customers… With that in mind, most entrepreneurs or small businesses rush into throwing together a website and creating a few social media pages. But the world of social media and digital marketing can be a scary […]