How To Tell Your Brand’s Story

Wondering how to tell your brand’s story? Then, you’ve come to the right place! Today, we go over the fine art of brand storytelling and how you can apply it to your brand’s marketing practices. When it comes to content marketing, the key to any successful campaign is to have the content speak directly to […]


How A Blogger Makes Money

Who hasn’t wanted to be a blogger? We’ve all fantasized about the idea of working from home and getting paid to write blog posts all day, haven’t we? But while it might seem easy to sit around all day and write blog posts, you might not actually know how bloggers get paid to write their […]

to kill a marketer

To Kill A Marketer

Black coffee. Endless office hours. Dead websites. Strange blog posts. Alien and remote. Pangs of writer’s block. There’s nothing to say. What’s trending on Twitter? The first clients had already left. Struck me as useless. I did not hate them. I just didn’t want to work for them. My last client went bankrupt. Left me […]


Case Study – The Punk Rock Hobo (My Humble Beginnings)

I once worked as a reinforcing ironworker, a diamond driller’s helper, and a funnel cake decorator for a weekend. Learn how I started my very first website, earned a few bucks, and learned a thing or two about online marketing.