Content Marketing 101: Essential Tips

Curious about content marketing? Wanna learn a few tips? Welcome to content marketing 101. Although blog posts, social posts, and website pages are essential aspects of content marketing, there’s actually much more to creating a successful content marketing campaign. So if you’re involved in digital marketing (or plan on being), you’ll need to develop a […]

Mindset Marketing For Small Businesses

In order to achieve success, it’s important for small business owners and marketers to implement a specific mentally into their approach. I like to refer to this as a “marketing mindset”. The basic idea is similar to most other marketing approaches and includes analyzing the target market, the competition, and the ideal customer.  Then, when […]

5 Tips for Social Media Success — Digital Savvy Consulting

Today, we are living in a world where we spend up to 4 hours a day (maybe even more!) scrolling through social media. We are constantly surfing through photo content on Instagram, catching up with friends on Facebook, scrolling through inspo pics on Pinterest or laughing at memes on Twitter. Especially since we are in […] […]


5 Unique Ways to Promote Your Blog and Create Consistent Traffic — Lifting Words

Blogging can be a very demotivating task. It is hard to get your content through the billions of existing ones. So you start searching for ways to promote your blog posts. Everywhere you go, you get generic oversaturated methods. You try them only to compete against a million people that do the same thing. I […] […]


Key Tips On Growth Hacking Your Blog —

20 years ago, businesses were not as substantial and effective as the businesses of today. They were limited by location and geography. Now they can start, grow and exist in just an app, without no restraints or limitations. Examples of modern businesses without any restrictions or limitations are Instagram, facebook, Uber e.t.c With over 2 […] […]