Marketers Should Post More Frequently on Facebook — Adrian Dahlin

I was recently working on a social media strategy for a client and decided to refresh my knowledge with some research about the ideal number of posts per day on various platforms. The information I found about Facebook seemed a bit off. Most analyses focus on how to optimize the number of engagements per post. […] […]

Is influencer marketing still relevant? — ALLISON GOLDIN

While scrolling through social media you may have come across various brand ambassadors or influencers advertising/marketing a brand, product, or service. Social Media has taken the power of influence into a whole new level. A quick search on your favorite search engine can help you find the right people who can bring your brand further […] […]

Thinking About Thought Leadership — Hits and Misses

A colleague recently shared an article published in The New Yorker in 2009 about how Kellogg responded to the Great Depression. In the 1920s, along with its main rival Post, the company dominated the then new packaged cereal market. The New Yorker summarized Kellogg’s reaction to the country’s economic collapse this way: “Post did […] via […]

Why Every Writer Needs an Editorial Calendar — Danielle Adams

Hey, Lovelies! We’re going to talk about editorial calendars this week. I know a lot of you are worried about the coronavirus, but we should all take a break from the negativity and focus on the positive. Trust me, there are positives out there, especially for writers! The biggest positive for writers right now is […] […]

5 Tips for Social Media Success — Digital Savvy Consulting

Today, we are living in a world where we spend up to 4 hours a day (maybe even more!) scrolling through social media. We are constantly surfing through photo content on Instagram, catching up with friends on Facebook, scrolling through inspo pics on Pinterest or laughing at memes on Twitter. Especially since we are in […] […]