Zak Razak

Working with Joel was a great experience. He delivered high-quality content in a quick and efficient manner. He was very pleasant and respectful, met all of my expectations and delivered engaging and informative content. Thanks again, Joel!

Oscar Garcia-Padilla

Joel Laforest was a pleasure to work with! Such a great positive attitude to have on the team. Joel was also always looking for ways to make our project better which was above and beyond what we expected from him.

Carlos Hazbun

This is my first time working with Joel and I have a feeling we will be working on many more projects. He is on top of it, focused and deadline-driven. I had to give very little instruction and he did his own research to understand what we do and what we needed. what he delivered was a very well written blog that fits what I needed to the letter. I highly recommend Joel, just don’t keep him too busy, I have more work I’d like to send his way.